Post-Mortem – The Monumental Pandemonium – CDD

Band: Post-Mortem

Label: Great Dane Records

Format: CDD


The second album “The Monumental Pandemonium” is relentless and furious. First of all, the sound of the guitar is absolutely huge! The two guitarists, Samuel Clauss and Jack Ruetsch, hammer the listener with a mixture of heavy as hell, but melodic riffs. The drums have a natural sound which adds the organic aspect of the album. Laurent Greder is a machine behind the kit. Pierre Mohn’s punchy bass performance is the perfect match between guitars and drums. It keeps everything tight and solid. Its distorted bass sound helps guitars and drums create a huge wall of sound in fast and slow parts.

Finally, Xavier Schreiber crowns it all with his deep and expressive voice. The blend is well balanced and defined. You can listen to every part, even when the songs get fast (and they often do). But “The Monumental Pandemonium” offers a lot of variations and a bunch of influences like IMMOLATION, (old) SUFFOCATION and also (new) DECAPITATED and (new) VADER too. All in all, these guys are top notch musicians playing aggressive, heavy and technical Death Metal. This album is brilliant overall.

GENRE: Death Metal
BARCODE: 3663663010440