Bloodride – Idiocracy – CDD

Band: Bloodride

Label: Great Dane Records

Format: CDD


The Finnish thrashers BLOODRIDE are not new to the Metal scene. The band is made up of old demons who have performed in many other bands (Astaroth, Deathmarched, Unshine, Angus Dei, etc.) so this whole experience pretty much speaks for them. The band’s fourth album “IDIOCRACY” continues in the same footsteps as when they started producing old school Thrash 21 years ago. No-frills, straightforward, harsh and uncompromising Thrash Metal is the name of BLOODRIDE’s game, and don’t even try to hide their influences (names like, SODOM, EXODUS, SLAYER, etc. come to mind. occasionally), spiced up with the raw grunts of singer Jyrki “Jykä” Leskinen which always pair well with the band’s “in your fucking face” music. Thrash anthems such as “Hate of hatred” “or” Cast out from idiocracy “and” Bow to disorder “are just a few good examples, to make for a good wild headbanging session. If you like your Thrash Metal at the old, BLOODRIDE is definitely for you.

GENRE: Thrash Metal
BARCODE: 3663663008966