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    Chuck Norris Experiment - This Will Leave A Mark - CDD

    Chuck Norris Experiment – This Will Leave A Mark – CDD

    "The Swedish rock monster CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT is celebrating 18 years with the release of their 10:th studio album “This Will Leave A Mark” featuring guest artists Chips and Hans from Sator and punk rock legend Jeff Dahl on September 18. The songs on “This Will Leave A Mark” are stretching from holy ...

    Simon Steensland - Let's Go To Hell - CD

    Simon Steensland – Let’s Go To Hell – CD

    In 2018, Transubstans Records released a remastered version of Steensland’s ‘A Farewell To Brains’. Three years pass, and the second part in his planned trilogy, aptly named ‘Let’s Go To Hell’ is here. On these albums, Steensland is changing, perfecting, playing with, and even extending what we all know as RIO, avant-garde, ...

    Small Jackets - Just Like This - CDD

    Small Jackets – Just Like This – CDD

    The Italian masters of combining classic rock elements with the best parts of boogie rock has done it again. SMALL JACKETS released their first Transubstans album, "IV", in 2013, and 8 years after we are more than happy to have them back with us. It do not get much better than this if ...

    Smed - Smed - CDD

    Smed – Smed – CDD

    SMED was formed 2019 in Karlshamn Sweden. With the idea of making downtuned heavy music. With inspiration from 70s rock and Stoner/Doom. Niklas has formed most of the riffs. Then the band has glued the music and sounds togheter. And some lyrical inspiration from outer space and ocultism. The members has been ...