Smed – Smed – CDD

Band: Smed

Label: Transubstans Records

Format: CDD


SMED was formed 2019 in Karlshamn Sweden. With the idea of making downtuned heavy music. With inspiration from 70s rock and Stoner/Doom. Niklas has formed most of the riffs. Then the band has glued the music and sounds togheter. And some lyrical inspiration from outer space and ocultism. The members has been in a bunch of other bands such as The Graviators, Nymf, Learn by dying, Demonicus, Trollfnask, Void Commander and Sattmansitter etc.

01 Starmass
02 Devil’s Tide
03 Queen Of The Goats
04 Flower Smokin’ Priest
05 Hal 9000
06 M.A.D.
07 Tears III
08 Heavy Metal: The Black And Silver
09 1010 A.D.

GENRE: Stoner/Heavy Rock
BARCODE: 7350074243586