Agonoize – Revelation Six Six Sick – CD

Band: Agonoize

Label: Repo Records

Format: DCD (Digipak 6-Panels)

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It has been almost a year and a half since the Bad Boyz from Berlin broke their five year silence and came back with MIDGET VAMPIRE PORN and a new label home to shake up the scene again and to show who still sets the tone in this genre. The founders of Hellektro have definitely not said everything yet and so Agonoize on REVELATION SIX SIX SICK are once again unleashing a direct blow against the horrors of this world without pardon, as they already demonstrated on the advance EP 666 DEGREES BELOW . Already the brilliant opener “Made In Hell” makes it unmistakably clear where the direction of the album goes. Social criticism meets dancefloor and so no eye remains dry when club grenades like “A Hole”, “MSTSTCK”, “Dein Gott” or “SubMissioNary” finally demand something from the bass boxes of this world.

The catchy tune runs like a red thread through all 13 tracks of the regular CD. Be it with melodious songs like “Angst ist Macht”, the melancholy “L.ove I.s” or “Faux Amis”, the socially critical “Komakind” but also the sarcastic “I Love To Hate”.
Compared to the previous albums, compositionally, Agonoize go a step further and show a lot more depth musically than it was previously the case. Songs like “Every Day, I Die” or the “Fallen” version of “L.ove I.s” from the bonus CD show that one can also impress with spherical sounds.

A willingness to experiment meets the classic Agonoize Hellektro garb and so one should satisfy both old and newer fans with this CD and certainly win a lot of new fans.
This album was mixed and mastered again by Gerrit Thomas, who gives this work an irrepressible hardness.
18 years of Agonoize and not a bit quieter. Welcome to hell…..

1. Made In Hell
2. A Hole
3. 666 Degrees Below
4. L.ove I.s
5. Komakind
7. Angst ist Macht
8. Hetereodoxie
9. Faux Amis
10. Love To Hate
11. SubMissioNary
12. Dein Gott
13. The Age Of Depression
1. 666 Degrees Below (Frozen)
2. MSTSTCK (Sucht)
3. Tease & Denial
4. L.ove I.s (Fallen)
5.Every Day I Die
6. Krank

GENRE: Ebm/Industrial
BARCODE: 4042564213355