Be Positives, The – Everything About… – Vinyl

Band: Be Positives, The

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: Vinyl


Vinyl edition of the sophomore album from Manchester’s the Be Positives successfully captures their punchy group sound while showcasing a knack for writing great and catchy pop/rock tunes. The variety of their musical influences makes for a captivating album, blending rock, blues, folk, and country tunes. Everything About The Be Positives will reaffirm their immense talent and seriousness taken to their craft, from the garage fuelled “Please Please Please” and crowd-pleasing “I Just Want To See Her” to the acoustic balladry of “You And I” even dabbling with rockabilly on “Dazed.” Limited pressing.

Side One
1. Heaven Knows
2. I Just Want To See Her
3. Only What I Feel
4. Please Please Please
5. Everything About It/Lost & Found
6. Dead & Gone
Side Two
7. Rain & Stormy Weather
8. Dazed
9. I’d Rather Be With You
10. You And I
11. Goodbye

GENRE: Rock/Indie Rock
BARCODE: 724049407520