Horskh – Wire – Vinyl

Band: Horskh

Label: Dead Seed Productions

Format: Vinyl


HORSKH is a collision between the violence of metal and the catchy power of electro. After sharing the venues with artists such as Ministry, Perturbator, Carpenter brut, Igorrr or Punish yourself, HORSKH destroys everything in its path with strobe lights and sweat in a universe both wild and millimetric. The radical and intense performances of this trio release the energy of a bomb that provokes as many dancefloors as moshpits!

1. Strobes
2. Trying More
3. Mud In My Wheels
4. A Breathe Before The Fall
5. Cut The Knot
6. Stolen Memories
7. Break Off
8. Common Crimes
9. Black Switch
10. Pull The Wire
11. Set On Fire
12. May Day
Over 45 mins

GENRE: Metal/Electronic/Industrial
BARCODE: 034966655684