Blaze Of Sorrow – Vultus Fati – Vinyl

Band: Blaze Of Sorrow

Label: Eisenwald

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: EISEN230CD


Choose your fate! On their seventh album „Vultus Fati“ Italian melodic-post-black-metallers BLAZE
OF SORROW ask you to do exactly that – with your will unbroken and your sword held high, despite
all sadness. All the styles that have marked the sound of BLAZE OF SORROW over the years can be
found here. The riffs show a melodic sensibility and a sense of medieval grandeur, deeply rooted in
the warm Hellenic school of black metal known from bands such as Rotting Christ, Varathron, and
Yoth Iria. The vocals are screamed in Italian language, and the bittersweet sound of the viola makes it
all sound unique. Thematically, the songs on „Vultus Fati“ are related to the inexorability,
inevitability, and fleetingness of time. We are alone in the face of events – but we can choose whether
to stay down, submit and surrender or stand firm, upright, and resolute.

1. Furor
2. Flammae
3. Nel vento
4. Eretica
5. Waldgänger
6. Aion
7. Ombre
8. Aura

GENRE: Melodic Black Metal/Post Black Metal
BARCODE: 4260393745612