Boney And The Shakers – Off The Cuff – CD

Band: Boneshakers, The

Label: Topsy Turvy Records

Format: CD


Boney And The Shakers stand for female‐fronted acoustic Rockabilly combined with classic Rock’n’Roll, Country and Folk, delivered in an exciting and uniquely cool way! The acoustic‐trio evolved around the unmistakable and powerful voice of incredible frontwoman and stand up drummer Boney Shaker. She unbelievably never sang in a band before and only learned how to drum while playing the first streetgigs with the trio, who have been friends long before the band started. Together with guitarist Schorni Walker (THE SEWER RATS, THE FLICK KNIVES) and double bassist Puck Lensing (FRANTIC FLINTSTONES, JIM JEFFRIES, BARNYARD BALLERS) they quickly made the streets, bars and clubs in Germany dance, shake and sing along to their fantastic liveshows.

After their fabulous debut‐single “Shake, Baby, Shake”on vinyl (‐ TOPSY‐TURVY RECORDS’ first ever release‐), the trio kept themselves busy during the pandemic and recorded their very first album “Off The Cuff” with 12 original tunes about love, girl‐power, farewell, party and the struggles of everyday live. Using only vintage recording equipment from the 30’s and 40’s (recorded and mixed by Puck in the Boneshakers’ studio) the band creates an authentic and intimate sound, that will sweep you up your feet immediately! Catchy uptempo hits like “Country Boy With A Rhythm Guitar”, “I Know A Cat” or “Lights Go Out” will make you rock the dancefloor, while goosebumps are guaranteed when listening to the beautiful, melancholic ballads “Take Me Back In Time” and “Going Home”. Covered in stylish artwork by Marcel Bontempi (THE MONTESAS, DR. BONTEMPI’S SNAKE OIL COMPANY) this smashing debut album by the talented Boney And The Shakers is an absolute treat for eyes and ears and definitely shouldn’t be missing from your collection!

1. Moving On
2. Words Mean Nothing
3. Black Cat Bad Luck
4. I Know A Cat
5. Country Boy With A Rhythm Guitar
6. Take Me Back In Time
7. Leave Me Alone
8. Going Home
9. Spending All My Money
10. One More Round
11. Lights Go Out
12. All Alone In East Cologne

GENRE: Acoustic Rockabilly