Camille Avec The Le Chiffre Organ-Ization – Rodin – Vinyl


Band: Camille Avec The Le Chiffre Organ-Ization

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SFR45066


Here’s CAMILLE, the effortlessly cool and stylish singer, rockin’ her French elegance reflecting the
60s Yé‐Yé girl spirit with this very first record accompanied by her talented well known musicians
friends LE CHIFFRE ORGAN‐IZATION. She loves jazz, art and fashion and last summer she wrote her
very first song. If you are an undeniable fan of Jaqueline Taeib, Cleo, Suzanne Gabriello, Gillian Hills,
Catherine Spaak, Sylvie Vartan, Françoise Hardy, Sheila, “Rodin” will most certainly take you right
back in time. Camille sings about love, life and loneliness, an original composition about the love
affair between Auguste Rodin and his student Camille Claudel and also includes a fantastic cover
song from an artiste we all adore, NINO FERRER’s “Alexandre”.

1. Rodin
1. Alexandre

GENRE: French Beat/Yeye/60s
BARCODE: 4251896111950
RELEASE DATE: 07/06/2024

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