Chronomaster Project, The – The Android Messiah – CDD

Band: Chronomaster Project, The

Label: Elevate Records

Format: CDD


The Chronomaster Project aims to be a different and innovative metal work, an interstellar journey to discover the universe of the Chronomaster and its adventures. The innovative aspects are to be found in the connection with the metal opera Docker’s Guild written by Douglas Docker and which, for the first time in the musical world, recreates the hypothesis of the universe of Tommy Westphall (The Westphall Theory of a Unified TV Universe) https : // But The Chronomaster project is not only this: it is also a rich multimedia multiverse that touches video games, librigames, boxed games and role-playing games that will gradually be developed and will be set in a multiverse connected to the disc.

Many guests will be part of the journey, and this is the Tracklist of the album:
1 . The Mission (Feat. Mark Boals)
2 . The End Of My World?
3 . The Ancient Throne Of Tessev V. (Feat. Vicky Psarakis)
4 . The Invaders’ Chronicle Part 1 :We came in peace (Feat. Amanda Somerville)
5 . The Last Man Of Ice (Feat. Snowy Shaw)
6 . The Invaders’ Chronicle Part2 :In Hoc Signo Vinces (Feat. Gianluca Mastrangelo)
7 . Generation Clash (Feat. Mike Mills & Chris Boltendhal)
8 . Revenge Of The Last (Feat.Nina Osegueda)
9 . The End Of Your World
10 . Nothing Left To Lose (Feat. Marcela Bovio)
Amazing digipack cd with 24 page booklet

GENRE: Heavy Metal/Progressive Metal/Symphonic Metal
BARCODE: 0606707577304