Coraxo – Luna – CD

Band: Coraxo

Label: Snow Wave

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: SWRCD006
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Mystic journey through moonscapes, avantgarde hard rock with hints of Faith No More, saxophone, smoky jazz bars meeting with cold and hard mix of post-metal and black metal from Finland. This cinematic voyage in Lunar spirit, with strong female vocals, Morricone’esque landscapes and distant unseen lands holds 6 songs, total 30 minutes long EP.

The art nouveau style cover has been again immaculately crafted by the American artist Chris Panatier.

Track listing:
1. A Star, Broken
2. Abyss
3. Black and Void
4. Dance of Shiva
5. The Cartographer
6. Wolves of Valhalla

GENRE: Post-Rock/Progressive Metal
BARCODE: 6430071520130