Cutthroat La – Fear By Design – Vinyl


Band: Cutthroat La

Label: Demons Run Amok

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: DRA212


Inspired by the streets and surrounded by personal, political, and religious chaos,
CUTTHROAT uses music as a platform to express the truths that deception hides.

Using a mixture of hardcore, beatdown, 90s hip-hop and thrash as a canvas to express their feelings
about this crazy world we live in, Cutthroat is a band of brothers coming from different musical
backgrounds to form a bond that can’t be broken. With all members having a lengthy history in other
bands touring the world for years, Cutthroat was assembled after getting together to jam and
everything clicked. Cutthroat LA has shared stages with the like of Billy Bio, Agnostic Front,
Evergreen Terrace and many more. 2020 they appear at the EMP PERSISTANCE TOUR hosted by
MAD TOURBOOKING. In Summer 2022 the Band went back to europe for another 10 Dates tour. In
between Cutthroat recorded their first full lenght record “Fear by Design” – produced by Billy Graziadei
(BIOHAZARD) which will be released again by Demons Run Amok!

1. Nothing To Prove
2. Lay Low (feat. Thiago Monstrinho on vocals)
3. Wrong Road (feat. Mikhail Shaev Guitarsolo)
4. Overthrow
5. Into the Light
6. Fool Me Once
7. Panic
8. Blood on my Hands
9. Press On (feat. Scott Hall on vocals)
10. Murder Ring (feat. Billy Graziadei vocals & Mikhail Shaev Guitarsolo)

GENRE: Hardcore/Crossover
BARCODE: 4260161862121
RELEASE DATE: 04/08/2023

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