Dayglo Abortions – Death Race 2000 – CD

Band: Dayglo Abortions

Label: Unrest Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: UNRESTCD026


Death Race 2000 is the band’s seventh album which marks the triumphant return of Murray “The Cretin” Acton. DR2000 offers up an intoxicating drunk-punk style as opposed to some of their metal-edged albums. Rude, crude, lewd and back in print due to popular demand!! Argh, fuck, kill!!

01. After All These Beers
02. My Mother Was A Man
03. Oh Wendy-O
04. Drink Beer Smoke Pot
05. Just Can’t Say No To Drugs
06. Executioner’s Song
07. One Cheque From The Street
08. Marijuanathon
09. Land Of The Midnight Sun
10. Ben Hoffman’s Nose
11. Squeegee Night In Canada
12. Drunk On Power
13. Anal Chinook
14. Stupid Fuckin’ Drunk Cunt
15. Euthanasia Day
16. Big Ass Truck
17. Death Race 2000

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