Dayglo Abortions – Here Today Guano Tomorrow – CD

Band: Dayglo Abortions

Label: Unrest Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: UNRESTCD022


As original as ever, Here Today Guano Tomorrow is Dayglo Abortions’ classic second album from 1987. Sick and demented, yet hilarious! Combining elements of skate punk & crossover with Mike Anus on second guitar, the Dayglo’s continue their sarcastic, often offensive brand of punk in a more metal direction with riffs and solos more complex than those on Feed Us A Fetus. Essential!

01. Fuck My Shit Smells
02. Fuck Satan To Death
03. Dragons
04. Hide The Hamster
05. The Spawn of Yog Sothoth
06. Shred Central
07. Drugged And Driving
08. Here Today Guano Tomorrow
09. Kill Johnny Stiff

BARCODE: 778632904859