Death Set, The – How To Tune A Parrot – Vinyl

Band: Death Set, The

Label: This Charming Man Records

Format: Vinyl


I bet you guys will walk the ceiling while wetting your pants when you listen to the first songs “Set For
Death“ and “Nowhere Is Here“. These punk-rock songs are like having ants in your pants or as the mighty DZ Deathrays say: “It’s as close as you can get to taking amphetamines audibly.”
But only “punkrock”? Nah, it’s not so easy with The Death Set – is it Electro, Noise, Punk or Artifartishit?

You better go watch a show of these maniacs, then you’ll have your answer: it’s 102% supernatural
high energy power complete with moshpits, dives, jives and hi-fives.
A mean and bitter person may think that this kind of music had its time – I say: “What the fuckin heck –
let’s have the best Death Set times of our lives!“

Songs: Overload Damage , Fall Down , Bad Decisions , Elephant , I’m Sick With It , Oh My God ,
Set For Death , Best Kept Mess , Nowhere is Here , Closed Eyes , Mad World (feat Ho99o9) ,
Remind Me Who’s Suffering , This Enemy Is My Best Friend

GENRE: Electropunk
BARCODE: 4059251432319