Defacement – Defacement – CDD

Band: Defacement

Label: I, Voidhanger Records

Format: CDD


Started as the side project of an underground black metal band called Deathcrush, DEFACEMENT have became one of the most promising acts in the realm of dissonant death/black metal, and certainly one that doesn’t fear to experiment. After an interesting and self-produced debut (“Deviant”, 2019), DEFACEMENT’s sophomore self-titled album stands as a statement of utter violence and despair against the endless inner struggle caused by the growing lack of meaning in this thing we call life. From chaotic blasting madness to melancholic slow passages and ambient interludes, DEFACEMENT’s atmospheric journey into the depths of the mind is going to leave a mark in the modern extreme metal scene, as well as an ugly scar on your soul.

Dusty Ray’s magnificent cover painting symbolically sums up the nature of “Defacement”, a work poised between horror and introspection.

1. Limbo I (2:06)
2. Shattered (9:30)
3. Limbo II (0:55)
4. Disavowed (6:38)
5. Limbo III (1:05)
6. Disenchanted (9:51)
7. Limbo IV (1:12)
8. Wounded (7:55)
Total Time 39:12

GENRE: Death/Black Metal
BARCODE: 5902693144168