Electric Mess, The – The Electric Mess V – CD

Band: Electric Mess, The

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: CD


New York City’s THE ELECTRIC MESS returns with a bang on their fifth album, “The Electric Mess V”. Formed in 2007, the band is fueled by 60s garage, 70s punk and hard rock, psychedelia, and New Wave. They have toured throughout Europe and the States, putting on tight and electrifying live shows. Led by the chameleon‐like front‐woman, Esther Crow (vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion), with Oweinama Biu (keyboards, vocals), Dan Crow (guitar), Derek Davidson (bass), and Alan J. Camlet (drums, vocals), THE ELECTRIC MESS has taken their songwriting to the next level on this record, taking the listener on a melodious trip over the course of its 10 tracks, with all of their influences on display. It was recorded and mixed at Hoboken Recorders by Alan J. Camlet, and mastered by Jim Diamond.

Side one opens with “Too Far,” a fine slice of West Coast folk/psych, with layered guitars and soaring vocal harmonies, and the tough Brit‐Invasion type R&B of “Bad Man,” followed by the dark psych pop of “Last Call,” with its haunting choruses and break.

The band adds synthesizer to the mix this time out, prominently featured on the New Wave garage punk rocker “Cesspool,” and on “City Sun,” the dystopian proto‐punk ripper that closes side one. Side two opens with “Speed of Light,” a space metal/punk barn burner that Hawkwind might have been proud to call their own, and the slow jam “Laserbrain,” with acid fried guitars and swirling organs. “Before the World Blows Up” is darker surf punk that asks a serious question for today, while “Strange Words” is the angry love child of The Stooges and Blue Oyster Cult. The album closer, “After the Money’s Gone,” is mellower psych‐rock that darkens with time and repeat‐listens and an apocalyptic outro.

“With three excellent songwriters, fierce playing, and urgent vocals, The Electric Mess are contemporary and forward looking, yet planted firmly in the great tradition of Nuggets styled garage rock.” (Sal Maida, bassist, Sparks, Roxy Music, Cracker)

1. Too Far
2. Bad Man
3. Last Call
4. Cesspool
5. City Sun
6. Speed Of Light
7. Laserbrain
8. Before The World Blows Up
9. Strange Words
10. After The Money’s Gone

GENRE: Garage/Rock
BARCODE: 888295991155