Enkel – Love Hurts – CD

Band: Enkel

Label: Nordic Notes

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: NN165
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Love Hurts is the third studio album of ENKEL.
ENKEL are a Finnish folk music quartet made up of two melodeons, kantele, viola and four voices;
four personable, unique and folky women with their instruments, sharing a great passion for
traditional music and forever actual folk songs and danceable hit tunes.

The Love Hurts album had a good time to mature. ”We took our time picking the tunes and giving
them love and attention over the years. We feel it can be heard in the result”, the band members say.
The arrangements are put together very carefully which has always been a trademark of the band.
The title ’Love Hurts’ pierces the whole album as a strong and everlasting theme. On the album you
can find all kinds of love songs: instrumental and sung, about finding a soulmate, losing one,
worrying of your nearbys in the war and feeling nostalgic towards the childhood friendship.

The majority of the traditional repertoire are dance tunes from the Western parts of Finland which are
companied by a couple of melodies from the Medieval era from Eastern parts of Finland and Karelia.
The traditional tracks are spiced up with the compositions of the band members.

GENRE: Folk Finland
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