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    Aysay - Su Akar - CD

    Aysay – Su Akar – CD

    Su Akar is AySay’s first full-length album. The folk trio from Denmark self-confidently proclaiming to be crossing borders between cultures, have someone carrying two cultures within herself in their singer Luna Ersahin, her mother being Danish, her father a Kurd from Turkey. The threesome is completed by Aske Døssing Bendixen on analog ...
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    Barbora Xu - Olin Ennen - CD

    Barbora Xu – Olin Ennen – CD

    Building bridges between east and west is what young Czech musician Barbora Xu is aiming at on her debut Olin Ennen (“I was” in Finnish), drawing on millennia-old traditions to do so. The artist, who lives on a Finnish island, attaches great significance to the relationship between man and nature. It is ...
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    Celenka - Villoi Varsa - CD

    Celenka – Villoi Varsa – CD

    Villoi varsa, the second album by Finnish folk music trio Celenka, will be launched at the Haapavesi Folk Music Festi-val on 1 July 2021 (Finland release). The international launch will take place on 17 September 2021. The album is released on the German Nordic Notes label. It is recorded and mixed by ...
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    Enkel - Love Hurts - CD

    Enkel – Love Hurts – CD

    Love Hurts is the third studio album of ENKEL.ENKEL are a Finnish folk music quartet made up of two melodeons, kantele, viola and four voices;four personable, unique and folky women with their instruments, sharing a great passion fortraditional music and forever actual folk songs and danceable hit tunes.The Love Hurts ...
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    Gajanas - Cihkkojuvvon - Hidden - CD

    Gajanas – Cihkkojuvvon – Hidden – CD

    Gájanas, in English Echo, comes from the top of Finland, Inari-Utsjoki and plays Northern Sámi ethno-progressive music.Members of the band are Hildá Länsman, Nicholas Francett, Kevin Francett and Erkki Feodoroff. Gájanas was the band of the year by the famous folk music festival Kaustinen 2017 and they won second prize at ...
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    Gudrid Hansdottir - Gult Myrkur - CD

    Gudrid Hansdottir – Gult Myrkur – CD

    Five years after the release of her last album “Painted Fire”, the “Faroese folk fairy” Guðrið Hansdóttir returns with her new longplayer “Gult Myrkur” (Yellow Darkness). Emotional and very personal: Guðrið, who has been going her own way as a musician for more than 20 years, convinces here again with her warm, ...
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    Kongero - Live In Longueuil - CD

    Kongero – Live In Longueuil – CD

    Thank you for the music! Time to say thank you and to celebrate!For 15 years now Swedish all-female vocal folk quartet Kongero have been singing traditional Scandinavian songs in self-penned arrangements and the best a cappella tradition. But Lotta Andersson, Emma Björling, Anna Larsson and Anna Wikenius are also skilled in composing ...
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    Maija Kauhanen - Menneet - CD

    Maija Kauhanen – Menneet – CD

    A powerfully expressive voice, deep-rooted kantele and invenve percussion: fleet-fingered virtuoso and one-woman band Maija Kauhanen specialises in Finnish kantele. Weaving together polyrhythms and organic beats, she creates unique soundscapes and compelling grooves.One of the most internaonally successful folk musicians from Finland, Maija Kauhanen, releases her second solo album Menneet (The Past). On ...
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    Okra Playground - Itku - CD

    Okra Playground – Itku – CD

    The internationally acclaimed Finnish six-piece group Okra Playground is releasing their highlyanticipated third album on Friday, October 28, 2022. The group’s music is a combination oftraditional Finnish folk, electro and pop–rock, where three mighty female voices, present-day lyricsand hypnotic rhythms create an energetic and relentlessly electrifying sound.The themes on ITKU ...
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    Paivi Hirvonen - Kallio - CD

    Paivi Hirvonen – Kallio – CD

    Päivi Hirvonen, the internationally acclaimed Finnish singer, fiddle and bowed lyre player, releasesher second solo album Kallio on Friday, 26 August. Hirvonen has been touring the world for yearsboth solo and with the group Okra Playground. Her music is based on the diverse roots of folk musicbut spices up the ...
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    Ritva Nero - Immortal Tradition - CD

    Ritva Nero – Immortal Tradition – CD

    Ritva Nero is a relatively new band on the Finnish music scene, formed in 2017.The music of the band could be described as Party metal folk. Lead instruments played in the band are Soprano Saxophone, Finnish Bagpipes and Nyckelharpa, complimented by a rock style Bass and metal music style Drums. Folk ...
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    Solju - Uvjamuohta/Powder Snow - CD

    Solju – Uvjamuohta/Powder Snow – CD

    Spring, the favorite time in Sápmi, when your spirits are enlivened by the sunrays.The mountain birches and the whole environment shine silvery.The yoiks in this album have their origin in one particular spring when the two of us herded together.It was special to follow nature’s variation. To find one’s way ...
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    Suistamon Sahko - Varokaa! Hengenvaara - CD

    Suistamon Sahko – Varokaa! Hengenvaara – CD

    Still deeply rooted in their high energy dancey arctic etnotekno sound, this album is bands most pop-esque but also the wildest one so far. It’s a diverse mix of four voices rapping and singing with evolving, primal yet experimental beats. A unique band sound where tiny Soviet made Notka accordion is the ...
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    Uusikuu - Karuselli - CD

    Uusikuu – Karuselli – CD

    Uusikuu celebrate their Sweet Sixteen anniversary with their fifth album “Karuselli” and light 16candles on their birthday cake. In 2006, Finnish singer Laura Ryhänen, violinist Mikko Kuisma, andGerman accordionist Norbert Bremes founded the world music ensemble Uusikuu (New Moon) withtheir colleagues at the time. Their ambitious goal: to breathe new ...
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    Various Artists - Russian World Music Chart 2021 - CD

    Various Artists – Russian World Music Chart 2021 – CD

    In October 2021, Russia’s first world music chart, the Russian World Music Chart (RWMC), was launched. The purpose of RWMC is to attract the attention of the world music community to the novelties of folk music of multinational Russia, as well as popularization and assistance in promoting unique musicians from ...
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