Epic Shadow – I’m Not Sleepin – CD

Band: Epic Shadow

Label: Spare Time Records

Format: CD


Spare Time Records is proud to announce the release of I’m Not Sleepin by the Irish rock band Epic Shadow. Frontman Noel Alfred has penned ten contemporary songs that resonate with the complexities of the COVID-19 era. Bandmates Tom Shinny (guitar), Ciarán Mullins (bass), and Brendan Heffernan (drums) have joined in crafting the sound of this music during two decades of playing the bars of western Ireland. Unlike a number of contemporary groups, this is a real band and not just a singer and some sidemen. In spite of the splendid variety of songs on this album, there is a strong consistent identity that says, “This is Epic Shadow.”

Yeah, just for some added craic, they are joined on a few tunes by Bobby Ogdin (keyboards), the durable Bruce Dees (guitars and vocals), the ex-pat Kirk Beasley (bass), and the amazing Billy Contreras (fiddle).

1. I’m Not Sleepin 5:07
2. Musical Messiah 5:02
3. Somebody 5:10
4. Nicky 5:29
5. Judas 5:06
6. Be 5:37
7. Crystal Ball 4:47
8. Southern Girl 4:23
9. Old Bones 4:14
10. Climbin Tree 5:26

BARCODE: 860003443743