Ernia – How To Deal With Life And Fail 8-Panel Glow-In-The-Dark Digipak)

Band: Ernia

Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

Format: CDD


With two members of Wormed in their lineup, Spanish grindcore band Ernia have managed to perfect the sound on their sophomore album which is both refreshing and riveting. The music is just as colourful as their artwork, full of intricate bits and with every song offering something different without abandoning the core sound. There is much to delve into here and every listen only enriches your understanding of their delightfully spastic music. To that extent, it’s almost like a technical album with the difference being that their momentum remains unabated while they throw up so much at you, and being so diverse, it only ends up being an utterly fascinating experience which is extremely rare in a genre largely known for its onedimensional cathartic expression.

The songs are incredibly structured, full of unpredictable twists and turns, buildups and breakdowns, and it never seems like a chore to sit through it because everything flows remarkably well and it’s even so goddamn catchy. Indeed, Ernia have crafted a masterful album that offers so much and yet retains its spunk, vivacity and of course, the skull-splintering intensity essential for the style.

1. Farewell, Sputnik
2. Q
3. Room Full Of Paper Cranes
4. Frustration Theory
5. The Deer Chaser
6. Helium-3
7. Dharma
8. New Aesop’s Fables
9. A Mute Florist
10. 2-D
11. This Life Is Rotten History
12. The O’Neill Cylinder
13. Ikigai

GENRE: Death Metal
BARCODE: 0612789663477