Escape The Hive – This Is Gonna Sting – CD


Band: Escape The Hive

Label: Shock Records

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: SR00006


Phoenix, AZ hard rock quintet came to life in 2021 after vocalist Michael Thomas Beck spent time on tour singing with Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel and is a nod to breaking free of your constraints and the experience of freedom. With their roots firmly planted in 70s arena rock, along the lines of Foreigner, Deep Purple, Journey and the like, the ESCAPE THE HIVE vibe is definitely tailored to sit alongside their new contemporaries in the “New Wave of Classic Rock” phenomenon that’s taking
hold across the world. As well as the artists who influenced it to begin with. “We are definitely influenced by that era of rock but a bit more firsthand. That era of music actually formed who we are as people as well as the music we write,” confirms Beck.

Recorded at Phoenix’s Soundvision Studios, This is Gonna Sting shows the quintet expanding on those 70s arena rock influences with modern production values. The sonics of the record are a throwback to that sound; a very vintage approach with a modern punch. The songs are rooted in dynamics, such as the haunting “In Between” that deals with social media and the division it creates.

This is Gonna Sting will be a staple “go to” for fans of 70’s arena rock.

01 – I Can See It / 02 – Separate Lives / 03 – I’ve Seen the Future / 04 – In Between / 05 – It’s Not Alright / 06 – Watchin’ You, Watchin’ Me / 07 – Something / 08 – Roll the Dice

GENRE: Rock/Hard Rock
BARCODE: 850014171469
RELEASE DATE: 10/11/2023

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