Ex Norwegian – Spook Du Jour – Vinyl

Band: Ex Norwegian

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: Vinyl


Limited vinyl pressing of the 13th album by the ever delightfully irreverent rockers Ex Norwegian. “Listening to their music is like searching for lost, hidden treasure that hadn’t been open for 20 years,” proclaimed Echoes And Dust. Their typical quirky lyrics combined with bold production creates their most distinct album yet. A carefully sequenced album that sounds like tuning into a radio show that offers half an hour of goodies that sound both familiar and fresh.

Side A
1. Teen Bakery
2. Vicious Cycles
3. Ciancia
4. Burn It
5. Airlash
6. Thot Patrol

Side B
1. Paging Lisa
2. Crazy Paving
3. Fresh ATM
4. For Your Conveniences
5. Save For No Future
6. Center Mario

BARCODE: 724049407636