Fantastic Fellinis, The – Deux – Vinyl


Band: Fantastic Fellinis, The

Label: Soundflat Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: SFR146


Ultrasonic mod soul pop explosion THE FANTASTIC FELLINIS release their second album, “Deux”, on
Soundflat Records! Since their well‐received debut, THE FANTASTIC FELLINIS have been serving up
stellar live performances with garage legends such as LOVE and THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND,
while evolving their songwriting and sound. Retaining the pop sensibilities of their first LP,
“Introducing the Fantastic Fellinis”, this follow‐up studio album explores a decidedly more raw, inthe‐
face space. Rendering the swirling psychedelia of “Saturated Sunday”, pure power pop of
“Somewhere in My Dreams”, and sleazy ‘70s grind of “Stone Cold Fox”, this new set of tunes also
include odes to musical heroes RONNIE SPECTOR and SYD BARRET.

Vitta Quinn’s sultry peppered vocal stylings profoundly pair with Kenneth Wessel’s fuzzed out guitars
and the funky backbeats of Rene Montes. Frosted with a special appearance by Marco Scarsone for
additional organs, this record sizably sizzles. THE FANTASTIC FELLINIS adeptness in bending genres
and generations creates their unique sound, one with past familiarity but present and futuristic
originality! As the LA Weekly writes: “Fantastic Fellinis…blends garage rock with ’60s go‐go, and
that’s an intoxicating combination.”

1. Saturated Sunday
2. Somewhere in my Dreams
3. Hip Pocket
4. Stone Cold Fox
5. Spector
1. My Mind Goes Round in Circles
2. Broken Soul
3. The Fever
4. Night of the Creeps
5. Change
6. Crown Prince of Insanity

GENRE: Garage/Pop/Soul
BARCODE: 4251896111974
RELEASE DATE: 22/03/2024

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