Fatal Nation – Metaphors – CDD

Band: Fatal Nation

Label: M & O Music

Format: CDD


For the fans of Mastodon, Tool, Architects…
“Metafors” is a collection of works and thoughts expressed in a metaphorical manner and set to music, touching upon the everyday problems that people face in our time. The lyrics of the ‘Metafors’ album are the thoughts and experiences of one person concerning many aspects of our reality.

1‐Lies‐6:00‐Authors‐Roman Shulga‐Compositors‐Elkhan Alshin
2‐Owl Dance‐5:46‐Authors‐Roman Shulga‐Compositors‐Elkhan Alshin, Vadim Yerin
3‐My Blame‐7:10‐Authors‐Roman Shulga‐Compositors‐Elkhan Alshin
4‐Metaphor‐4:29‐Authors‐Roman Shulga‐Compositors‐Elkhan Alshin
5‐Light Of The Dime‐4:32‐Authors‐Roman Shulga‐Compositors‐Elkhan Alshin
Total duration‐27:17

GENRE: Groove Progressive Metal
BARCODE: 3663663008959