Final Step – Disconnections – CD

Band: Final Step

Label: Sireena Records

Format: CD

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Progressive jazz from Ticino!
The Swiss band FINAL STEP offers a tasteful mix of rock, funk, blues and jazz elements live and on their two previous albums. This also includes various loops, samples and various percussion effects. It’s all in the mix – and from these different genres a modern sound is created with electronic elements, which fit perfectly into the overall musical result. No exaggerated gimmicks, but well-considered sounds are created. And the band is grooving!

FINAL STEP was founded in 2003 by the guitarist / composer Matteo Finali in Ticino. Finali is one of the most talented Swiss musicians of his time, who, after extensive studies in the New York club scene, gave the initial spark for the founding of FINAL STEP. After countless concerts, the debut album “Desert Trolls” was created in 2010, which met with enthusiastic reactions from the scene. The harmonious blend of jazz, rock and electronics mixed with Balkan rhythms opened further doors for the band, and the tours were now increasingly taking place abroad.

On the second album “Uncle Joe’s Space Mill” the band went one step further. The ethnic borrowings were even more evident, the sound became even more intense. With slight borrowings from the seventies of the last century, an extremely groovy overall package was created, which transfers noticeable influences from King Crimson, Blodwyn Pig and Ian Carr’s Nucleus into the present. Exciting.

Prelude (Love Ballade)
Leaving For
In a Brooklyn Store
Interlude (Country Road)
Prickly Pear Jam
Sunday Morning Rev.
Postlude (Dreamtime)

GENRE: Jazz Rock/Fusion
BARCODE: 7640172463543