Lights Of Human – Lights Of Human – CD

Band: Lights Of Human

Label: Sireena Records

Format: CD


HUMAN became LIGHTS OF HUMAN.When Sireena Records released the first album “Human” in 2017 under the project name Human, enthusiastic murmurs went through the press. The father/son duo caused unanimous enthusiasm with their sound of 70s rock, trip pop and heavy beats. One half of the project is Andreas Bubi Hönig, veteran, exceptional guitarist. With EXTRABREIT for many years, and still with GREEN, the cult band project with musicians from EXTRABREIT and GROBSCHNITT. This resulted in SYMPHONIC FLOYD, sold-out theaters with a classical orchestra behind them. The other is producer and guitarist Clitko, and son of Bubi. Father and son – can that go well? The two show convincingly how well it works!Both are open-minded, interested, well attuned musicians.

In the past, Clitko has already produced beats for well-known rappers such as Brenna, Fard and Too
Strong, with the latter he was also on stage as a guitarist. Even as LIGHTS OF HUMAN, the two remain
true to their sound, there are no prescribed song structures, they are built up freely and experimentally.
Bubi and Clitko have used the last few years intensively to further develop their music in their own studio! attempt successful! It still applies: Hagen was always good for a surprise!

Lights of Human
Kids of Now
Nature`s Call
My Spaceship
No One

GENRE: Progressive/Art Rock/Rock
BARCODE: 4260182982341