Hild – Valfreiya – CDD

Band: Hild

Label: Odium Records

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: ARTCD030
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HILD is a new band of Lars Broddesson, known as ex drummer of Marduk and session drummer of Funeral Mist and Black Altar.
Album contains 12 songs of violent Thrash metal with Black and Crust influences. The band is deeply influenced by the Nordic mythology and Mysticism.

01. ValFreiya
02. Göndul
03. Wodurida
04. Hrist
05. Mist
06. Hlökk
07. Herfjötur
08. Sanngrithr
09. Skögul
10. Rota
11. Thögn
12. Thrudr

GENRE: Thrash/Black/Crust Metal
BARCODE: 5902768610345