Aborym – Remixes And – CD

Band: Aborym

Label: Dead Seed Productions

Format: CD


To deconstruct Hostile was not an easy task. Aborym looked for artists who would not simply provide remixes, but, rather, reconceived versions that are not only spectacular in their own right, but also go down to the meanders of what made the original Abo record so special. The band looked to old friends such as Andrea Bellucci aka Red Sector A and Coresect, aka Paul Toohill (mastermind of the now dissolved electro EBM band XP8), but also commissioned music from a new breed of artists who are changing the landscape today, such as relentless underground activist Clément Perez aka 14anger. Last but not least Aborym created a very hypnotic alternative version of Magical Smoke Screen and got the chance to host the amazing voice of Alessandra Magno on it.

1. Sleep (Fragments of Reality remix)
2. Magical Smoke Screen (Apus remix)
3. Sleep et Coagula (ElectroCoagulation remix)
4. Stigmatized (14anger rusty beats remix)
(Over 25 mins)

GENRE: Electronic/Metal/Industrial
BARCODE: 034966655585