In Tormentata Quiete – Krononota – CD

Band: In Tormentata Quiete

Label: My Kingdom Music

Format: CD


In Tormentata Quiete was born in 1998 from the idea to blend passion and melody, typical of the
Italian popular music and the expressive strength of extreme metal, to become the soundtrack of men’s travel in the world of their Emotions. The journey begins with the promo-CD “I Tre attimi del Silenzio” (1999, self-produced) a fascinating travel in which we can find the primordial seeds of ITQ’s musical profile.
The first full length record “In Tormentata Quiete” was released in 2003 (Dawn of Sadness production) and it is a symphonic black metal with neo-folk influence. “TeatroElementale” took shape in 2009 (the partnership with My Kingdom Music begins) and the band moves towards a more progressive and avant-garde style. The single “Il Profumo del Blu” (2011, self-produced), anticipated the concept album “Cromagia” (2014, My Kingdom Music) another great piece of Avantgarde Black Metal with Folkish elements.
In 2017 arrives “Finestatico” the 4th full-length album and the third one realised with My Kingdom Music. Once again it is welcomed with great success and it is the prelude to the definitive consecration of the band with the next release, “Krononota” which for its complexity, emotions, theatricality and conceptuality manages to merge in a single work all the magic of the sound concept of IN TORMENTATA QUIETE. Release date
is scheduled for February 19th, 2021.

1. Urlo Del Tempo
2. All’Alba: Sapor Umbro
3. Alla Mattina: Color Daunia
4. Al Pomeriggio: Lo Sguardo D’Anteo
5. Alla Sera: Abbraccio D’Emilia
6. Alla Notte: Odor Mediterraneo
7. KronoMetro

GENRE: Theatrical Avantgarde Metal
BARCODE: 8002124211548