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    3 Dreams Never Dreamt - Another Vivid Detail - CD

    3 Dreams Never Dreamt – Another Vivid Detail – CD

    3 dreAms neVer Dreamt was born in 2007 in the hinterland of Milan. In 2012 they released their debut album “A Vanishing Day”, recorded at Elnor Studios by Mattia Stancioiu, and mastered by the well-known Dan Swanö.Between July 2019 and the first months of 2020, they recorded “Another Vivid Detail”, ...
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    Demande A La Poussiere - Quietude Hostile - CDD

    Demande A La Poussiere – Quietude Hostile – CDD

    Demande à la Poussière (Ask the Dust) is a French band created in 2017 by former members from The Great Old Ones, Spectrale, Omrade and Würm. The project was to create music at the crossroads of Black Metal, Doom and Sludge with French lyrics. The name, which is the French title of ...
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    Dperd - Monsters - CDD

    Dperd – Monsters – CDD

    Dperd are Carlo Disimone & Valeria Buono. After playing with Fear of the Storm in the 90’s, in 2001 formed DPERD. They released two selfproduced albums,”2003″ & “3non”, then the band signed in 2007 with My Kingdom Music and released the album “Regalerò Il Mio Tempo” (“I’ll Give My Time”) in 2008 ...
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    Dreariness - Before We Vanish - CDD

    Dreariness – Before We Vanish – CDD

    DREARINESS born in Rome in 2012 thanks to Gris and Torpor, with the idea to allow emotions to become music without any constraint. After writing the first songs, they found the voice of their creature in Tenebra, and in the summer of the same year recorded the first album “My ...
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    Goad - La Belle Dame - CD

    Goad – La Belle Dame – CD

    GOAD is an historical Prog Rock band from Florence (Italy) created by Maurilio Rossi in 1974.1976-1986 (the early years): 10 years of live at Space Electronic in Florence where they were noticed by Freddy Mercury (Queen). Early releases “Who Can It Be”, “To Mars With You”, “Creatures”.1987-2000 (Art Rock): Progressive and ...
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    In Tormentata Quiete - Krononota - CD

    In Tormentata Quiete – Krononota – CD

    In Tormentata Quiete was born in 1998 from the idea to blend passion and melody, typical of the Italian popular music and the expressive strength of extreme metal, to become the soundtrack of men’s travel in the world of their Emotions. The journey begins with the promo-CD “I Tre attimi del Silenzio” ...
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    L'alba Di Morrigan - I'm Gold, I'm God - CD

    L’alba Di Morrigan – I’m Gold, I’m God – CD

    L’ALBA DI MORRIGAN was created in 2008 in Turin thanks to the desire of Hugo Ballisai. During winter 2009 they wrote and recorded their first demo “The Circle”. In september 2011 “The Essence Remains”, first band’s album, was recorded. With it the band had the great pleasure to collaborate with Frank Default ...
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    Lord Agheros - Koine - CDD

    Lord Agheros – Koine – CDD

    LORD AGHEROS is the creature of the only mastermind Gerassimos Evangelou and born with the aim to reach musical situations able to represent his mood. The first results of this was the album “Hymn” (2007) by many a jewel of musical pathos. After the good responses it’s the time of ...
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    Lucifer For President - Asylum - CD

    Lucifer For President – Asylum – CD

    LUCIFER FOR PRESIDENT born on 2017 thanks to the singer N-Ikonoclast (ex Ensoph, Death Dies) who contacted Samael Von Martin (aka Legione A.D. Antiochia – ex Evol, Death Dies). In 2018 the band released a self-titled EP with a raw Blackish Rock ‘n’ Roll. They extract two videos from the EP for ...
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    Nightshade - Sounds Of Dark Matter - CDD

    Nightshade – Sounds Of Dark Matter – CDD

    Switzerland, Halloween 1998 – Nightshade was founded by multi-instrumentalist Thomas, vocalist David and bass player Al. The band created a distinctive adventurous metal style mixing orchestral arrangements, cosmic synths, taking listeners to the edge of the metal genre. In 2004, the band changed shape and continued as XICON to pursue a more ...
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    Obsolete Theory - Dawnfall - CDD

    Obsolete Theory – Dawnfall – CDD

    OBSOLETE THEORY born in 2010 and, after the release of a demo CD in 2012 and a single in 2013 titled “The Wraith Beyond”, achieve a stable line up in 2016. In the same year, the band releases the videoclip for the single “Prophecy (V.18:6)” featuring Ally Storch from HAGGARD ...
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    Ophe - Somnium Nocte Mendaciis - CDD

    Ophe – Somnium Nocte Mendaciis – CDD

    * OPHE is insane, OPHE is pure darkness, OPHE is the new sound of the Apocalypse.* “Somnium Nocte Mendaciis” is a malignant, dissonant, sulphurous piece of Post Black Metal that paints the radicalization of the concept of extreme music.TRACK LISTING1. Tarde2. Odalisk Incursio Sub Methaqualone3. Squirting Cadaveribus4. Partum Chimerae5. Decem ...
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    Xciii - Void - CDD

    Xciii – Void – CDD

    XCIII is an Avantgarde project located in France formed by Guillaume in 2009. After a first phase (2009-2013) and a debut album, “Like a Fiend in a Cloud”, with a lot of Black Metal influences, XCIII begin to explore new horizons that lead the project towards different musical universes. The result is ...
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