Paroxysmal Butchering – Supreme Revulsion – CD

Band: Paroxysmal Butchering

Label: Gore House Productions

Format: CD


Debut album by San Diego Menace, Paroxysmal Butchering; Long out of press, ‘Supreme Revulsion’ now receives a welldeserved “spit shine”, a decade later. The album includes lightly re-imagined cover art by Timbul Cahyono of Bvllmetalart (same illustrator who handled the bands 2012 pressing). ‘Supreme Revulsion’ was also remastered, includes a never released track, plus several bonus tracks taken from the early “Revulsion” days. Behold, Paroxysmal Butchering’s most sickening rendition of ‘Supreme Revulsion”

1. Anally Siphoned Innards
2. Cadaveric Disgorgement
3. Chemically Castrated
4. Shitstorm of Perversity
5. Turnoffs Include Consent
6. Cocooned in Entrails
7. Scourge of Malevolence
8. Retching on Virulent Rectal Exudation
9. Axiom of Suffering
10. Macrocosmic Eradication
11. Acephalic Rape and Disembowelment
12. Ingurgitating Putrescence
13. Sexually Mangled
14. Anally Siphoned Innards (2011)
15. Cadaveric Disgorgement (2011)
16. Axiom of Suffering (2011)
17. Acephalic Rape and Disembowelment (2011)
18. Turnoffs Include Consent (2011)
19. Cocooned in Entrails (2011)
20. Scourge of Malevolence (2011)
21. Shitstorm of Perversity (2011)
22. Macrocosmic Eradication (2011)
23. Ingurgitating Putrescence (2011)
24. Shitstorm of Perversity (Early Demo)
25. Cocooned in Entrails (Early Demo)
26. Cadaveric Disgorgement Live 2016

GENRE: Death Metal
BARCODE: 617395989225