Intestinal Laceration – Chaotic Eschatological Madness – CD

Band: Intestinal Laceration

Label: Gore House Productions

Format: CD


Peruvian purveyors of brutal death/slam Intestinal Laceration are set to unleash their debut full-length
“Chaotic Eschatological Madness” via Gore House Productions. It’s been seven years since their debut EP, but the band has not been dormant. Intestinal Laceration has honed their skills, tightening their riffs and releasing a slamming cacophony. Sometimes it’s lightning fast, at other times it slows to a crawl,
punctuated with the deepest of gutturals and some well-placed, not overtly-showy solos. The band has also developed their esoteric lyrical philosophy, not content to stick to standard death metal tropes.

1. Eternal Cosmic Darkness
2. Embryonic Mutation of Baalcetrorus
3. Time Regeneration
4. Oniric Experience
5. Return to Saturn
6. Eruption
7. Abyss of Atrocities
8. Sacrificial Retribution
9. Relic of Chaos

GENRE: Death Metal
BARCODE: 617395989256