Blasted Pancreas – Carcinoma – CD

Band: Blasted Pancreas

Label: Gore House Productions

Format: CD


Gore House Productions is happy to unleash a personal favorite, ‘Carcinoma’ by Greek grinders, Blasted Pancreas. With a decade since its initial release, ‘Carcinoma’ will have a proper reissue showcasing what GHP considers to be highly undervalued pathological inspired goregrind album. Carcinoma is total Lymphatic Phlegm worship; Its dark, atmospheric, and best of all, sick. A goregrind gem waiting to be added to your collection. Additionally, the reissue includes a Regurgitate cover taken from the bands 2018 “5 Way Car Crash” split album.

1. Intro
2. Lymphangiosarcoma
3. Cystic Fibrosis
4. Nephroblastoma
5. Hemangiosarcoma
6. Brainstem Glioma
7. I Am Sick of You All
8. Hematological Malignancy
9. Lymphoblast
10. Polycythemia
11. Tuberculosis
12. Resection of Upper Gastroinstestinal Malignancy (Lymphatic Phlegm cover)
13. 37 Stabwounds (Regurgitate cover)

GENRE: Death Metal/Pathological Goregrind
BARCODE: 617395989089