Iskandr – Vergezicht – CDD

Band: Iskandr

Label: Eisenwald

Format: CDD

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Iskandr has brought regal and medieval atmospheres into several grandiose black metal albums, cementing the project firmly as one of the foremost standard bearers of the modern Dutch black metal scene. The new album ‘Vergezicht’ both expands and deepens this sonic palette, bringing forth Iskandr’s finest and most accomplished record to date. In six epic tracks, the songwriter known as O offers a journey into a vista of distant realms and sonic landscapes.

1.Gezag 10:50
2.Bloeddraad 08:22
3.Gewesten der Tijd 13:02
4.Baken 07:31
5.Verbod 10:04
6.Het Slot 13:54

GENRE: Heathen Black Metal
BARCODE: 4260393743786