John Howard – Cut The Wire – Vinyl

Band: John Howard

Label: Think Like A Key Music

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: TLAK1140


2019 album and the 16th by British songwriter John Howard, Cut The Wire, gets its vinyl debut as part of Think Like A Key Music’s singer-songwriter series. The album, originally released on Spain’s You Are The Cosmos label, was written and recorded by Howard at his Una Casita studio in Murcia after working on his first autobiography, Incidents Crowded With Life. It was a creative process whose influence can be clearly heard on these new compositions.

John plays and sings everything on the album, which starts distinctively with an acoustic folksy “So Here I Go” that acts as a prelude to the more familiar piano balladry and clever songcraft, hallmarks since the 1975 debut album Kid In A Big World. This edition features a new remaster by Prof. Stoned, bringing more life to an already consistently high-quality album and important release in Howard’s catalog. Limited LP pressing.

1. So Here I Go
2. Remains
3. Pre-Dawn
4. Keep Going, Angel
5. Jean Genet Just Imagined
1. Cut The Wire
2. My Idiot Days
3. We Are
4. Long Since

GENRE: Singer-Songwriter
BARCODE: 782706673671