Keosz – Neven – CDD


Band: Keosz

Label: Cryo Chamber

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: CRYO213
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Keosz presents his soundtrack for the sci-fi short film Neven, a touching soundtrack that blends dark ambience with harmonic textures to create a melancholic opus. 

NEVEN is an independent film project made by a non-profesional crew with no budget. Film was created in cooperation with Theatre Divadlo z Pasáže – Municipal Community Theatre working with actors with down syndrome.

“As a result of the War, Peter lost everything he loved at very young age. In a world devastated by war, there is little hope left for him. The world is very dangerous place, full of out-of-control war machines. In all this darkness, Peter finds a long-forgotten sense of happiness in the form of an unexpected friendship with a damaged robot named Neven (Croatian name meaning ‘everlasting’. )

Recommended for fans of harmonic layering, the post apocalypse and melancholy 2 CD Digipak comes in a beautiful matte 8 panel digipak in matte designed by Erik Osvald. CD and Download comes with a 16 page uncoated paper booklet with behind the scenes shots from the film Neven.

Track Listing:
1. Neven AI 02:17
2. Joining 03:18
3. Welcome to the Real World 03:34
4. Parents 07:06
5. Meadow 03:20
6. Whitelight 02:24
7. Neven Them 00:45
8. In my memories 01:46
9. Stalking 01:49
10. With Air 03:12
11. Tragedy is the core of Human Experience 02:53
12. Desert of the Real 02:58
13. Start of a Friendship 04:32
14. From Rust to Dust 04:06
15. Black Maria 02:14
16. My Child 05:18
17. Together 04:05
18. Target Lock 03:33
19. Digital Rage 04:06
20. End is Near 03:40
21. I0 00:48
22. Trust No One 06:45
23. All We Have Left 02:40

GENRE: Soundtrack/Dark Ambient
BARCODE: 5902693146469
RELEASE DATE: 13/10/2023

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