Kommand – Stubborn Arsenal – CD

Band: Kommand

Label: Metal On Metal Records

Format: CD


The purveyors of crude and ugly black thrash are back with their third attack, even faster and more violent than the last time around. Vulgar and mean, KÖMMAND come with their “Stubborn Arsenal” and proudly brandish the standards of old. Bulldozing and smashing the uninitiated with their merciless riffcraft and analogue warheads, melting away the false with their nuclear speed and string-shaking wargrind. With hate-filled filthvomits spitting venom while spiting religion and authority, they leave no doubt they serve no gods and no masters. They’re worshipping only the true metal gods and masters, speedböözing to hell and back with their disciples, removing posers on the way. So if names like AURA NOIR, NOCTURNAL BREED, HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST, OUTRAGE (Ger.), DARKTHRONE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, MIDNIGHT, NIFELHEIM, INFERNÖ, BEWITCHED, DESASTER or early KREATOR and DESTRUCTION make your heart pump faster, join the ride!

1. Kömmand
2. Chained to the Pentagram
3. Illicitör
4. Poser Disposer
5. I Dim Your Gleam
6. Speedkilling
7. Blood upon the Eastern Throne
8. Street Forces
9. Sewagechrist
Total running time: 39:31

GENRE: Metal/Black Thrash Metal
BARCODE: 8022167090979