Les Robots – 12 Favorites From Planet Earth – Vinyl

Band: Les Robots

Label: Bickerton

Format: ‌Vinyl

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Most humans think of Les Robots as emotionless mechanical music machines. And that’s how they largely see themselves, but when our mechanical friends discovered the great beats of the 60’s they – by lack of a better word – ‘felt’ something. They started collecting the records which tickled their electronics and decided to give their interpretation of their favourite sounds ever produced by human beings. Most of those favourites are instrumental acts like The Ventures, The Shadows, Terri Terauchi, Joe Meek, Man or Astroman?, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Tom Dissevelt, Raymond Scott, Link Wray and The Astronauts just to name a few. But now for the first time ever you will hear Les Robots SING!!! In their own way of course. They picked 12 of their favourite vocal songs from Planet Earth and gave it ‘the mechanical treatment’. From the well-known sounds of The Fab Four and The Hollies to the more obscure beats of The Boys Blue and The Zakary Thaks, it’s all there. Open your hearts and minds and let these rusty space basterds give you a taste of your own medicine!

1. Don’t Make Me Over
2. I’m Alive
3.You Got What I Want
4. Come Back If You Dare
5. Bad Girl
6. Don’t Ask Me Love
7. I Need You
8. Don’t Bother Me
9. (Say I Love You) Doo Be Dum
10.Johnny Remember Me
11. Why Do I Cry / She’s Not There
12. Suspicion

GENRE: Instro-Rock/Synth-Surf /Easy-Listening-Punk
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