Lock Horns – Red Room – CD


Band: Lock Horns

Label: The Distortion Project

Format: CD

Catalogue Number: DPCD008


As the expression goes; “Good things take time, but great things take longer”…
This is very much the case with Belfast Progressive Metal four-piece, Lock Horns, who have emerged from the depths of an intensive creative period with an album that stretches the bands creative horizon to new levels of intensity and unbridled passion.

Recorded in late 2022, ‘Red Room’ went through a process of evolution, from as far back as late 2019/early 2020, before the global pandemic forced the world into somewhat of a dystopian nightmare. By the time the world opened up again, Lock Horns found themselves in possession of material that was now three years old, and not a reflection of who they had become in a post Covid world.

The introduction of an 8-string guitar had drastically changed the bands creative potential, and a decision was made to wipe their creative slate clean, and embrace the rich vein to which they had stumbled upon. It was at this point, when ‘Red Room’ was born.

Track Listing:
1.The Origin of Evil Impulses
2. Rust
3. Skin & Bones
4. Lab Rat
5. Impressions of a Dream
6. The Golden Mean
7. Expressions of Madness

GENRE: Modern Metal/Technical Metal/Industrial
BARCODE: 0781005342530
RELEASE DATE: 31/05/2024

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