Los Daytonas – Troublemaker – Vinyl

Band: Los Daytonas

Label: Topsy-Turvy

Format: Vinyl


Madrid-based sixties instro-rock band LOS DAYTONAS celebrate their 25-year-anniversary with their fantastic brand-new album “Troublemaker”. After six fabulous albums on RACING RECORDS and SLEAZY RECORDS their seventh is released by SOUNDFLAT RECORDS-divison TOPSY-TURVY RECORDS.

Alongside a brilliant cover version of “Nite Surfer” (original by the DEUCE COUPES) the record includes thirteen top-shelf originals by these four wild Spaniards. You will find a variety of styles such as reverbing 60’s surf, spaghetti western atmospheres, obscure exotica sounds, twangy rock ‘n roll, outer space sounds, hot rod rumblings, etc. in this album and also their first vocal tune: “Urethane”, an ode to skateboarding during night time. This is an album that definitely takes the band to a new direction, slowly leaving behind the 60’s instro orthodoxy that they’ve been paying tribute through all these years but also never forgetting their roots…

1. The Contest
2. Moon Race
3. Bronco
4. Demorse
5. Urethane
6. The Rat
1. El Hijo de El Santo
2. Wheelin’ Home
3. Chickenbaker
4. Sand Bagger
5. Go T. Bucket!
6. Nite Surfer
7. Interceptor
8. Frolics

GENRE: Surf/Rock/Exotica
BARCODE: 8435008859756