Memphis Slim – Rocks – CDD

Band: Memphis Slim

Label: Bear Family

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: BCD17687


Although we’ve picked Slim’s rockinest tracks here, there is variety in his piano and vocal performances, and you can still hear all the elements of blues and gospel and R&B that shaped him. When he took that music to Chicago in the 1940s and formed an R&B group, The House Rockers, many of the recordings he made then were firmly in the advance guard of rock and roll. Slim always maintained a fine band of mainly Memphis musicians. These included sax players Ernest Cotton and Alex Atkins, and particularly the sensational guitar player Matt Murphy.

‘Guitar’ Murphy gained great prominence through the ‘Blues Brothers’ movie, and bluesman and
producer Willie Dixon told ‘Living Blues’ that Matt ‘is definitely the best guitar player, the best one I heard anywhere.’ Talking in Paris in 1968, Memphis Slim said: ‘I’ve had a good life. Well, I had a very bad life, but it took a bad life to make it a good life for me. And I mean by that that I played my dues very early, and now I think I am reaping the benefit.’

By the time he died in 1988, Slim had become known around the world and the U.S. Senate had resolved that ‘Memphis Slim become an ambassador at large of good will for the United States.’
The Memphis Music hall of fame and the Blues Foundation hall of fame both have Memphis Slim among
their inducted members. The Rock and Roll hall does not, but maybe when they hear these 29 rocking
tracks they will find a place for the man who always rocked the house wherever he played.

Memphis Slim – Memphis Slim – Rocks 
01 Rocking The Pad Memphis Slim
02 Harlem Bound Memphis Slim
03 Old Taylor Memphis Slim
04 Rockin’ The House Memphis Slim
05 Kilroy Has Been Here Memphis Slim
06 No Mail Blues Memphis Slim
07 Memphis Slim U.S.A. Memphis Slim
08 Beer Drinking Woman Memphis Slim
09 Pacemaker Boogie Memphis Slim
10 Wish Me Well Memphis Slim
11 Big Bertha Memphis Slim
12 Nobody Loves Me Memphis Slim
13 Back Alley Memphis Slim
14 If You Live That Life Memphis Slim
15 Midnight Jump Memphis Slim
16 Trouble Trouble Memphis Slim
17 Slim’s Boogie Memphis Slim
18 The Girl I Love Memphis Slim
19 What’s The Matter Memphis Slim
20 Lonesome (Blue Blues) Memphis Slim
21 Tia Juana Memphis Slim
22 She’S Allright Memphis Slim
23 Walkin’ The Boogie Memphis Slim
24 Gotta Find My Baby Memphis Slim
25 Sassy Mae Memphis Slim
26 Love My Baby Memphis Slim
27 I’m Lost Without You Memphis Slim
28 Let The Good Times Roll, Creole Memphis Slim
29 Rockin’ The Blues Memphis Slim

GENRE: Rock N Roll
BARCODE: 4000127176875