Nevermore – Dreaming Neon Black (Gold Disc) – CD

Band: Nevermore

Label: Brutal Planet

Format: CD


If you have followed Nevermore, you will know this album is as dark as a desert blackout. Dreaming Neon Black, originally released in 1999, is essential metal on several levels. This is the first Nevermore album to consistently feature the technical metal sound the band became prominently known for. Secondly, the band added former Forbidden guitarist Tim Calvert to the line-up, giving the band even more edge and guitar harmony possibilities. Jeff Loomis certainly proves he can wield a wicked axe but this takes the crushing maelstrom of melodic thrash to a new arena. Love Bites is an added bonus track for this Gold Disc Edition.

Dreaming Neon Black is the epitome of a wellcrafted conceptual masterpiece from the technical metal genre. An inadmissible album for any metal collection. Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound provides an elite 2022 remaster, and every CD comes with a foil-stamped limited edition collector card. This jewel case release comes with an expanded 16-page booklet – to the delight of true collectors. Heavy Metal this masterful comes around a few times a decade if we are lucky. One of those treasures is here again, and we recommend being first in line to grab it, The 2022 Brutal Planet Records reissue takes all the magic of the original release and gives fans even more! Dreaming Neon Black takes special to entirely new levels.

1. Ophidian 0:47
2. Beyond Within 5:12
3. The Death Of Passion 4:10
4. I Am The Dog 4:13
5. Dreaming Neon Black 6:26
6. Deconstruction 6:40
7. The Fault Of The Flesh 4:55
8. The Lotus Eaters 4:26
9. Poison Godmachine 4:34
10. All Play Dead 4:58
11. Cenotaph 4:39
12. No More Will 5:46
13. Forever 2:34
14. Love Bites (bonus track)

GENRE: Heavy Metal
BARCODE: 637405143300