Offenders, The – Orthodoxy Of New Radicalism – CDD

Band: Offenders, The

Label: Long Beach Europe

Format: CDD

Catalogue Number: LBRE047


With ORTHODOXY OF NEW RADICALISM, THE OFFENDERS start where they left off with the
previous album CLASS OF NATIONS: this time folk elements blend with punk-rock and combat
attitude, maybe the “loudest album we ever recorded” as the band itself have stated. By now, it is
mandoline and bouzouki that shape THE OFFENDERS’ sound, as well as well known combat punk
guitar riffs and ska elements.

Social criticism and masses exploitation sang in “Tales from my neighborhood” and “To have not”
where irish bouzouki meets uptempo punk-rock, the never lost hope for equalitarism and justice of the
anthem “The Messenger”, the story of Simeon Cuba Saribia and his last fight side by side of Guevara in
the combat “Hasta la muerte”, the list of heroes known and unknown who fought for justice and
freedom the antifascist “hall of fame” and for their first time ever narrating the cry for help of all the
victims of abuses in Invisible.

ORTHODOY OF NEW RADICALISM is a contemporary portrait of our society : fluid, brave and fearless
as well as cruel and hopeless. A look back to move forward, chords, hammer ons and choruses here to
stay in your ears and hearts!

THE OFFENDERS started back in 2005 in Cosenza (Italy) and relocated in Berlin by the end of 2008.
Starting as a 2-tone ska band, then developing their own sound blending punk-rock, off-beat with touch
of irish folk bringing elements as mandoline or bouzouki, THE OFFENDERS have built a solid fan base
during the years, playing shows and festivals all over Europe, including two tours in Russia and one in

Their first single “Hooligan Reggae” became a 2-tone dancefloor anthem and underground hit while
their last single “Marchez” is close to a million streams on Spotify (as of November 2022) . Offenders
will release their 9th full lenght ORTHODOXY OF NEW RADICALISM in spring 2023 on Long Beach
Records, some of their previous albums were released and repressed by Destiny Records and Mad
Butcher. The band has always supported antifascist and antiracist groups all over Europe and abroad,
playing at parades and benefits aswell as known festivals as Rebellion (UK), Mighty Sounds (CZ),
Ruhrpott Rodeo (DE), Zickenstock (FR), Los Almiros (GR), Sjock (BE), This is Ska (DE), Rude Boys
Unity (CH) and more. Sharing stages with acts such Bad Religion, Flogging Molly, Social Distortion,
Dropkick Murphys, Nofx, Korn, Cock Sparrer, Anti Flag, Selecter, Agnostic Front, Feine Sahne
Fischfilet just to name a few.

01 Tales from my neighborhood
02 Letter from the front
03 You VS Reality
04 The Messenger
05 Cardboard
06 Invisible
07 Hall of fame
08 Carla e Paolo
09 To have not
10 Combat airwave
11 Hasta la muerte
12 Trust

GENRE: Punk Rock/Ska
BARCODE: 4250137208602