One With The Riverbed – Absence – CD

Band: One With The Riverbed

Label: Snow Wave Records

Format: CD


One with the Riverbed is a five-piece post-metal band from Kalamazoo, Michigan that strives to push the boundaries of the genre by incorporating elements of atmospheric black metal with ambient soundscapes, dissonant textures, and dynamic shifts.
Absence, the band’s first full-length, 41 minute album following an EP in 2018, showcases these sonic progressions while exploring overarching themes of death and loss. Absence is uncompromising in scope yet concise in delivery. The sound of the album draws comparisons to such genre greats as Mgla, with the more mellow post-rock’ish approach of Alcest and Solstafir.

1. Thaw 
2. Carcass
3. Disembodied
4. Sanctuary
5. Phantom’s Glance

GENRE: Melodic Black Metal
BARCODE: 6430071520116