Ophis – Spew Forth Odium – CD

Band: Ophis

Label: Fda Records

Format: CD

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Could you tell me who is the most rotten funeral Death/Doom band ? OPHIS from Germany ? Yep, you’re right. The band is back with their 5th. full length album. Six brandnew songs in 63 minutes musical melancholy, the soundtrack of autumn and winter, of sorrow, pain and doom. The new album called „SPEW FORTH ODIUM“ was recorded at Blastbeat Productions Studio/ Kiel, the drums was recorded, the album mixed and mastered by Jens Ballaschke at 3rd. A. Studio/ Hamburg. The new drummer Ole is responsible for the artwork and layout.

63 minutes purest high class Death/Doom Metal from Germany.

Track listing:
01. Default Empty (9:04)
02. Of Stygian Descent (9:30)
03. Conflagration Eternal (11:28)
04. Temple of Scourges (10:35)
05. The Perennial Wound (9:45)
06. The Stagnant Room (13:22)

GENRE: Doom/Death Metal
BARCODE: 4046661724622