Papernut Cambridge – Cinderella Crazy Golf – Vinyl

Band: Papernut Cambridge

Label: Gare Du Nord

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: GDN45060



Papernut Cambridge is the project started in 2010 by former Death In Vegas and Thrashing Doves
guitarist Ian Button. Over 10+ albums they’ve drawn on influences from psych and bubblegum pop to
indie, glam and Motown, with Button working solo, or regularly joined by a core of contributors
including Darren Hayman and Jack Hayter (formerly of Hefner), Robert Rotifer, and Picturebox’s Robert Halcrow.

Cinderella Crazy Golf is a brand new four song EP loosely based on the scenario of an elderly couple
of former psychedelicians growing old and infirm together by the sea, still very much in love but
dealing with ageing, memory loss, medication side effects etc.
The black vinyl 7″ comes with 3 double sided postcard prints featuring photos and the song lyrics.

Track listing:
A1 Cinderella Crazy Golf
A2 I’ve Loved You The Longest
B1 I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Your Eyes
B2 Bread

GENRE: Psych/Pop/Glam/Indie
BARCODE: 684910295796
RELEASE DATE: 18/08/2023

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