Popol Ace – Stolen From Time – Vinyl


Band: Popol Ace

Label: Musea Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: FGBG2044


A cult album of Norwegian progressive rock, Stolen From Time by Popol Ace, finds a new lease of life on Musea Records. Popol Ace is a progressive rock band from Norway which had its heyday in the 1970s. The band formed in 1972 as Popol Vuh, but changed their name in 1975 to avoid the confusion with the German group of the same name, which practiced more experimental and cosmic music.

The influences
Stolen From Time is an ambitious and varied album, which testifies to the richness of progressive rock of the time. The group mixes various influences, such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, or Supertramp.
The nine tracks on the album are all musical nuggets, ranging from symphonic rock to folk via jazz-rock or hard-rock. The group demonstrates great instrumental and vocal mastery, with neat arrangements and catchy melodies. Singer Jahn Teigen stands out for his powerful and expressive voice, able to move from low register to high register with ease.

01 Bury Me Dead 5:50
02 Today Another Day 5:45
03 Jester 3:58
04 Soft Shoe Dancer 4:37
05 Mr. Bigalow 4:07

01 Sweet Tune 5:00
02 Sleepwalker 4:50
03 I Can See Tears 6:25
04 Suicide 8:19

GENRE: Progressive Rock
BARCODE: 3426300020444
RELEASE DATE: 24/05/2024

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