Rada & Blackthorn – To All Those Who Walk Along The Sky – Vinyl

Band: Rada & Blackthorn

Label: Trail Records

Format: Vinyl

Catalogue Number: TR00025LP


This is psychedelic rock, the kind of rock that we could have had now if the line of true Woodstock had prevailed, the line of Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin, of Jefferson Airplane and Led Zeppelin. We hear the furious keyboards and Termenvox parts played by the band’s guitarist Vladimir Anchevsky. This is the first album by Rada & Blackthorn that contains more instrumental improvisations than vocals. Rada heard the tune and the lyrics of “The Moon Riders” in a dream. That is the most improvisational track on the album. Most of it was recorded as a live improvisation. Mastering was done on vintage analogue
equipment. Rada & Blackthorn play psychedelic rock, the kind that was played at Woodstock, the kind that empowers and delivers messages from other worlds.

This is the music of crazy guitar improvs (guitar: Vladimir Anchevsky) and the vocals that take you out of the realm of the familiar (vocals: Rada). The vocals soar like a bird and then go down into growling throat singing, using all three octaves and even more. Here we have strange broken art-rock rhythms (drums: Eugene Kudriashov) and the bass that sounds like an organ or the ocean surf. This is the stuff that gives the power and the magic in the age of Kali Yuga

Side One
1. The Dust- 4:56
2. The Ravens of Odin – 6:02
3. The Moon Riders – 8:57

Side Two
4. An Amber Ballad – 4:24
5. Аngel – 4:40
6. The Myth – 6:58
7. The House of a Thousand Roads – 4:38

GENRE: Psychedelic Space Rock
BARCODE: 755491254769